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Supplier of Coconut Derivatives Product
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Straddling the equator, the archipelago, Indonesia, has become the world’s leader of coconut products. Indonesia has a well- established coconut derivatives product industry, making it one of the largest producers in the world. Working together with local farmers, we are ready to supply our product with the best quality to the world’s needs.

About Us

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Coco Equator is one of the best trading company supplying coconut sugar and other coconut derivatives products worldwide.

Working together with around 5.000 local farmers in Java island, we dedicate to maintain our best product’s standard and quality to meet our international customer’s needs.

Vision and Mission



We believe that having a good comunication is the main factor for our success. we try our best to always being responsive in comunicate with our customer.



Make sure to give the best quality product to our loyal customers is what we strive for.



Working together with local farmer, we want to support them to have a better life.

Our Organic Farm in Numbers


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Why Choose Us

There is never been a better place to find coconut product derivatives rather than in Indonesia. CocoEquator comes to supply that.

  • Fair Trade
  • Customable Packing
  • Competitive Price
  • Worldwide Business
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